The Dude’s Cobalt 29 Piece Set Silo (1/16 – 1/2″ by 64ths)


The 135 degree split point in The Dude’s Cobalt Drill Bits are particularly successful in cutting holes in harder grades of stainless steel and other material higher up on the Rockwell chart. Our patented M42+ alloy contains a higher cobalt percentage than the industry standard of 5-8 percent cobalt, rendering them super-friction-resistant and will cut more holes than most of our competitors, making the need to re-sharpen less frequent.

Our popular 29 pc. set includes sizes 1/16” thru 1/2” by 64th increments.  (individual sizes available)

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The Dude’s Cobalt Drill Bits are constructed of a patented 8% cobalt and high-molybdenum alloy, which increases the drill bit strength, and allows for greater heat resistance when drilling the hardest and most demanding materials. The Dude’s Cobalt Drill bits feature a 135 degree split point eliminating the need for pilot hole predrilling, or starter punching. Shanks on sizes 3/16” and greater have 3 machine-ground flats, which prevent slippage in drill chucks.


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