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Have you been hunting for a specific SPECIALTY CUTTING TOOL? At, our SPECIALTY CUTTING TOOLS line offers Hole Hog enlarging tools, standard reamers, adjustable reamers, and step reamers, M7 tap & drill sets in coarse, fine & metric sets as well as the new tap & drill combo tool, also available in coarse, fine, and metric sizes. We have a complete line of bolt and stud extractors including square, spiral, fine spiral, hexagonal, and left handed drill bits. We also carry a complete line of annular cutters in M2, M7, M35 and carbide alloys in both 1” & 2” cutting depth, as well as rotabroach-self-ejecting hole cutters. The Dude’s tungsten cobalt dual-spiral-flute step-bits with hexagonal shanks are rivaled by none. We now also offer six flute as well as conventional 45 and 82 degree countersinks. Go spot welds to bust? We got you covered! Need to thread or repair NPT pipe? We have a complete line of pipe taps & dies too! We also carry a complete line of machine screw and bolt sized tap and die sets in coarse, fine, and metric too. The Dude’s cutting tool cadre is ready to help all your metal and wood forming and refinishing applications. And our list never stops getting longer. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction; if there’s a specialty cutting tool you just can’t seem to find, call us at 818 268 2945; during normal business hours, a human will answer the phone!

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