The Dude's HSS Bits

The Dude’s HSS Bits (High Speed Steel Drill Bits) are made of patented high-molybdenum alloy that stands the test of time. The Dude’s HSS bits feature a “no-walking” 135 degree split point which eliminates the need for predrilling or punching. The Dude’s HSS bits feature precision ground flutes, nitro-carburized finish, and extra wide web design which facilitates fast chip removal thus preventing bits from over heating and becoming brittle. The Dude’s HSS bits are available in a wide assortment of jobber sets: Our 13 piece set runs from 1/16” thru 1/4” by 64ths, our 15 piece set runs from 1/6” thru 1/2” by 32nds, and our most popular 29 piece set runs from 1/16” thru 1/2” by 64ths; we also have added in a 21 piece set that runs from 1/16” thru 1/4” by the 64ths and 9/32” thru 1/2” by the 32nds. The Dude’s HSS bits are also available in number sets from #1 thru #60, #61 thru #80, and letter sets from “A” thru “Z” as well has our 115 piece master mechanic’s set that includes fractional sizes from 1/16” thru 1/4” by 64ths, number sizes from #1 thru #60, and letter sizes from “A” thru “Z”. The Dude also offers the same sets in Machine Screw “Stubby” sizes. The Dude’s most recent addition includes metric sizes from .5mm thru 35mm, as well as Silver & Deming sizes from 9/16” up to 1-1/2” by 64ths.  Hope you find the bits you’re looking for if you don’t make sure to drop us a line and we will hook you up.

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